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Surface And Solid Modeling Services

We are Services Provider of Surface And Solid Modeling Services,3D Modeling Services,3D CAD Modeling Services, Mechanical 3D Modeling Services and our set up is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. The area of surface and solid modeling deals with shape design and representation of physical objects.

A solid modeler represents an object unambiguosly by describing its surface boundary and by topologically orienting it, so that we can tell, at each surface point, on which side the solid interior lies. Whereas, a surface modeler gives only a geometrical description of the object boundary without any topological information.

Currently, most solid modelers are able to support solids composed of polyhedral models and quadric surfaces (like spheres, cylinders etc.) and their Boolean combinations. At the same time, the field of surface modeling has been developed to model classes of piecewise surfaces based on particular conditions of shape and smoothness. Such models are also referred to as sculptured models.

Surfacing is a process of fitting surface entity in a cloud of points ensuring specified geometric tolerances.

Surfacing is required in order to use the scan data for machining smooth surfaces mainly for die/mould production, analysis, digital mockups or packaging purposes.

A highly qualified and skilled team of Engineers at APM regularly carry out surfacing and solid modeling activity after whitelight scanning of the physical part.

In addition to Multiple licences of Imageware surfacing software APM has inhouse software licenses and expertise on Unigraphics NX, Ideas and Pro-E wildfile.

The art and science of surfacing is practiced for all possible applications regularly.

For Product development and aesthetic parts CLASS-A surfaces are created passing stringent surface quality checks. We call it the epitome of digital art.

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